When was the last time you visited the dentist? Far too many people believe that dental care is important only in situations where they have problems but nothing could be further from the truth. Regular dental care can prevent many oral health problems that could lead to cavities or even an extraction. Visit the dentist twice per year and maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Take a look below to learn five top reasons dental visits are so important.

1.  The ADA Says So: The American Dental Association recommends that everyone one-year old and older visit the dentist twice per year for best oral health. Doctor knows best!

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2.  Improved Smile: Visiting the dentist can help you maintain your beautiful smile, removing discolorations, hiding cracks and chips in the teeth, and  even after problems like extractions occur. You can get services like partial dentures in Jacksonville, dental whitening service, and others to keep your smile in check.

3.  No Pain: Nothing hurts quite like the pain caused by a toothache. Make sure you visit the dentist twice per year per ADA recommendations and reduce the risk that you will experience toothaches or pain.

4.  Prevent Extraction: You want to maintain beautiful teeth and a healthy smile but that can be difficult if you experience certain tooth problems. With regular dental care you can prevent extractions and keep the smile that you love so much.

5.  Oral Cancer Detection: Dentists cannot diagnose oral cancer but they are trained to spot the signs, which may include sores in the mouth that will not hear, spots of crust, or white or red patches in the mouth.

Do not take oral health care and dental visits for granted. They ensure a beautiful smile for a lifetime and nothing in this world is more important.